Learn Guarani and English through playing!

Do you speak Guarani and wish to learn English or do you speak English and wish to learn Guarani? Thanks to Guaranglish, now there are no limits to learning either the most spoken indigenous language of South America, Paraguayan Guarani, or English, a universal language proven to open doors.

When you download the Guaranglish App, you will be able to learn both languages simultaneously, whenever and wherever you want to.

Learn Guarani and about Paraguay

With the Guaranglish App, you will be able to discover our country of Paraguay, learning about our nation’s customs, cultural traditions and common expressions, as well as find out more about our geography and the major tourist attractions of each department, all through interactive lessons and games.

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We have three approaches!

Guaranglish App

The first cellular application that makes it possible to learn English directly from the Guarani language and vice versa.

Guaranglish Camp

Camps allow us to share our unique bilingual experience with young people through educational games, and at the same time, encourage participants to break paradigms.

Guaranglish Workshop

Workshops for English and Guarani language teachers, where we share our specialized methodology along with our best practices on how to organize camps and design bilingual educational materials.



Premios Conecta

Third place at Premios Conecta 2014, a nationwide contest that seeks to promote the use of innovation and technology-based solutions to better address current social issues.


English Innovation Funds

Provided by the Regional English Language Office of the Department of State of the United States of America, the English Innovation Funds support the organization of our camps and workshops.

Declared of National Educational Interest

Declared of National Educational Interest by the Paraguayan Ministry of Education- Resolution No. 31426/15.

Declared of National Interest for Paraguayan Youth

Declared of National Interest for Paraguayan Youth by the National Youth Secretariat- Resolution No. 519/15.

Presented at the White House, Washington D.C., USA

Presented at the “Technology in English” Conference held at the White House, in Washington, D.C, as an innovative example of how to promote English language learning through an indigenous language and the use of technology.

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